Once you have signed up to Makersite, the first page you enter is the dashboard. The dashboard is a very central as it is the start point for all work in Makersite. If it is to create a new product or process, Import BOM's, analyse the results from or do  reporting. It all starts here.

In this article we are focusing only on the basic elements of the dashboard. In the following article each of the numbered elements is described more in detail. 

1. The Home Button 

Whenever you are in the system no matter on which page, the home button will redirect you directly to the dashboard. 

The search field allows you to search through our entire database. In the case of your first entry and your intention to get access to your model, just search for the name of the final part we have been setting up during the pilot. 

3. Setup

When you click "Setup" a pop up window opens. Here you can choose "Import a Bill of Materials" and you will be forwarded to the BOM import functionality. 

A more detailed description can be found in the BOM import article. 

4. Help button

You might have already found the button, however for completeness purpose, through the help button you can access the tutorials and the FAQ as well you can start a chat with our support team. We are recommending reading through the tutorial and to use the help function. A lot of useful information is available there.  

5. Apps & tools

The section provides you access to all our apps and tools. In the course of the tutorial we will explain you how the most relevant apps are used to present the results you are looking for. 

6. Favorite products

The favorite products will show the products you are working with the most. After the first time accessing your product, your customized product selection will be shown. 

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