Exercise: Find the Ball Pen Product group in Makersite and open the Mattermaps

1. You are starting from the dashboard, which is your initial screen.

2. Click into the search and enter the name of your main part. In our example the part is called "Ball pen". 

As you can see in the figure above, only "Ball" is typed into the text search and already the result is coming up. The more precise the name is entered the easier the product will be found and the higher it will be ranked in the search. 

NOTE 1: Select the search result with the icon type shown below. This type of icon indicates a product group. 

Note 2: You can find the name of the product in the BOM you send us. Use the name of the product on top of file. 

3. Now click on your product and the related "Product Datasheet" will open.
The product datasheet provides you with a very basic overview of our product and shows you basic result information.
This is the main product page, from where the work on the product starts. 

4. Now open the Mattermaps by clicking on the info and work desk on the right-hand side of the screen on "view product model" (red marked).
You should now see the Mattermaps of the ball pen model.

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