The Mattermaps, also called product model, gives a general overview about the product, the assemblies or manufacturing processes and the materials, parts, energies,...  needed for the production.
We are not only using it for purely visualizing the material streams, but we also show health, cost and environmental information throughout the supply chain in the Mattermaps. 

Mattermaps is visualized in form of a Sankey diagram. Meaning the thickness of the blue connections between (green) products and yellow "process/assembly processes" are showing relative thickness to each other. (see the elements marked with number 2 in the figure below)

This means, that the thicker a blue connection is the more mass, volume, length, energy or number of pieces is used at that position in the process. We have implemented one specialty into the diagram. We are showing at the same time mass, energy, number of pieces, volume and length. The relative thickness can only be shown within one unit group. So, mass is scaled with other masses, number of pieces are scaled with the number of pieces and so on. 

More information to Sankey diagrams can be found here: Sankey diagram .

Three more items are relevant for the further use:

App selection (see number 1)

In the upper left corner, you find the box marked with number 1. When clicking on it the app menu opens. 

The selected app is at this moment the "Product Model" app. All apps correlated to product analysis can be accessed through this menu. 

Change the product model view (see number 3)

The results can be visualized in different views (Sankey, Choropeth map, Heatmap and a Grid view). In addition is regulatory info and supplier info shown in graph format. 

Info and work desk (see number 4)

On the right-hand side of the screen we located the "information and tool panel".

Once a process or product is marked in the Sankey (as well as in the graph) the info and tool panel allows you fast access to tools, such as drilling into more details of a product, to find suppliers or view and edit the product or process datasheets.
Going into the sections Information, Environmental impacts,... provides you fast access to relevant results. 

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