Exercise: Switch between the different result views of the Ball pen model and summarize what you see.

The different result views can be selected in the menu above the product model. 

Choropleth map

This is a political map that pinpoint exact measurements or regulations that apply within political borders. It provides an easy way to visualize how a measurement, such as an environmental impact, varies across geographic boundaries.


This is a density visualization that represents the density of points on a map.
It displays more diffused or rationalized data, transgressing geographic boundaries. 

The grid view (product model)

Table summary of products and processes required to make your product/product group or process and their amounts. It reflects your BOM. 

The table view also shows calculated environmental, health or cost results or provides a detailed inside into the regulations related the processes or products in the supply chain.

All info can be exported to excel with a simple right click. 

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