Exercise: Switch from the product model to the "Should Cost App"

The app menu in Makersite provides a wide variety of applications to gain insights into your BOM from multiple angles. 

Enter the app menu

The app menu is in the upper left corner and is at any time available to for the user. If you are in the product sheet, the process composer or in the product model of your model.  It is always possible to select another app. 

1. As you can see in picture above the app menu opens when clicking into the blue box in the upper right corner. 

Within the open menu you can select between the sections:

  • Environment (incl. 15 apps)

  • Health (incl. 10 apps)

  • Regulations (incl. 3 apps)

  • Business (incl. 9 apps)

2. Once the selection menu is open just click on the app you are interested to dig into.

3. Now the should "cost model opens"

Exercise: Change now into the "grid view" and note down the should cost of the Ball point tip

1. Click on the grid view in the menu

2. Expand the row for the "Ink Chamber" and check the should cost for this BOM part. 

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