The substance risk detection tool is used to provide a detailed insight about the substances that are regulated within the supply chain of the product. 

Exercise: Identify the regulations applying to the Ink

First, we need to open our product model "Ball Pen Example" and then select the app "Substance risk detection" under "Regulations".

Result view in the graph

The model of the Ball pen opens in a graph instead of in a Sankey, which is just another form of visualization of supply chain. The color codes used are:

  • Green = Product groups

  • Yellow = Production processes or assemblies¬†

  • Red = Regulation

If you click on the regulated substance or on the red regulation marker the info and tool panel will provide you with detailed information about the regulations the material / substance is regulated by.

The whole view is intended to give you fast overview about areas of significance and to allow you to focus on relevant areas in your supply chain.Like the Sankey functionality you can use the info and tool panel to drill into more details of your supply chain. 

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