Exercise: Matching of unmatched materials to the product groups Makersite.

Step by step

When importing BOM of materials in can in rare cases happen that selected Materials in the BOM do not automatically find a matching data set in Makersite.

The material not matched is shown on the left side of the screen.  

To search the matching data set in Makersite, click into the search filed, right from the material name (see number 1 in the picture above). Start typing the name of product data set you search. Once you found the part, select it by clicking on it. 

After it is selected you need to enter the reference amount (e.g. 1 unit weights x many kg). The system needs the information to calculate the results correctly.

Now repeat this process for each non-matched part until all parts are matched. See an example below. Don't forget to save from time to time during the process. 

At last save the settings by clicking the disk icon and then the Mattermaps icon to open the BOM Model in Makersite. 

Note: Please be aware that there is lot of information to collect from online sources and to be calculated by our system. Results are loading up step by step and it might take a few minutes. 

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