Exercise: Find and go to the "Help" section in Makersite and open the FAQs.

In the Makersite the help function is located on the upper right corner and can be assessed through the question mark icon. 

When clicking on the help icon, a drop down expands and offers three choices: 

  1. Support, which provides access to a live chat with Makersite experts.

  2. Tutorial, providing a wizard supported online training/first steps guidance. 

  3. FAQ, containing more detailed documentation, explanation and answers to frequently asked questions. 

When now clicking on the FAQ in the drop down menu, the FAQ section open in a new tab. 

Now you can either search for a topic of interest or enter manually the different chapters and browse through our FAQ.

If for example you enter "Help function" in the search, this article will be shown in the search results. 

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