A product group is a high-level grouping of products based on a comparable way of making them. For example, when you define an individual product (such as a blue ball pen produced by company x), you can associate a product with a product group ('Ball pens’).  Product groups enable you to categorize products and to assign customer surveys to it. The product group equals a container for a product sample used in surveys. Different product samples for different surveys should get separate Product groups. 

For example: I am intending to conduct a customer insight for Ball pens. So, I create a product group including the different specific products for ball pens. Multiple surveys can now be sent out to the target audiences and data is collected for those.  For the next production circle, I am designing new ball pens. For these designs I want to conduct a new customer insight study. We create a new product group, add the designs and conduct the survey. 

Exercise: Set up a product group

The following four steps are required to set up the Product group (please see the numbers in the screenshot below):

  1. From the Makersite start page change the from work mode "Analyse" to "Compose".

  2. Click on "Product Group" and get directed into the product groups set up. 

  3. Add the required information into the product group. (all fields are mandatory). 

  4. Save the product group after all data is entered. 

The information to be entered in the Product Group is the following: 

  • Name (free text field)

  • Unit of Measure (drop down list with common units)

  • Description (free text field)

  • Product Group Classification (drop down list according the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code® - UNSPSC®)

All data can be changed at a later stage. 

After saving the data the product group will open:

The product group as basis for the survey is now set up. In the next step we investigate adding the products / product designs into the survey.

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