Generating questionnaires is an automated process in Makersite. Once the product group and the products are set up and therewith the content of the survey is defined, four different types of questionnaires that can be freely used for the survey are generated by a click. 

We include these 4 types of questionnaires: 


Task 1: Generate the questionnaires

To generate the questionnaires, we need to open the product group "Ball Pen Example" in the compose mode.

1. Click the questionnaire button (see red marked in the screenshot above ) and the survey and the questionnaire alternatives are generated.
2. After pressing that button a pop up window proving links to the 4 different questionnaire types appears. 

You can now copy this links and open them in a separate window, if you want to have a look into the questionnaires.
NOTE: This is just a preview, the questionnaires are saved in the "Customer Request" and can be accessed at any time. 

3. Close the Questionnaire window and refresh the page by pressing the refresh button (1):

After reloading the page the questionnaire is available in the "Customer Request" box. (2)

Task 2: Open and edit the survey

When clicking on the name of the questionnaire the detailed page of the questionnaire opens.

To edit the questionnaire, you can change the 

  • Information containing Name and Brand of the questionnaire  

  • Welcome text

  • Logo to your companies/brands logo though an picture upload

by clicking on the pen icon. 

To change the name of the questionnaire click the pen icon in the information box and add for example a date to the survey name.

Now save the changes.

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