As the survey will be answered by large groups of persons Makersite stores two types of results. 

  1. The aggregated results for analysis in the "customer insights" app. 

  2. A detailed response insight into all specific answers. 

In this chapter we look further into the detailed response insight.


In the questionnaire composer select the tab responses. 

Task 1. Export the results to Excel

Now the detailed response data can be exported to excel. By right clicking into the data table a menu comes up allowing to export the data as csv or xls file. 

NOTE: When opening the file later in Excel you will be asked if the file is from a secure source. This question is entirely normal and is related to the security settings. Makersite is a secure source and you can open the data without any concerns. 

Task 2: Use the picot table function to group the results by the score

1. On the right upper site of the screen is a small vertical box named "Columns". Click that box and pivot menu opens (2). 

3. Now tick the pivot mode.
4. Un-tick all ticked boxes and drag and drop the "Score" into the Row Groups.
5. Un-tick the pivot mode (3) and you have now an updated result view.

In the result you can see how many and which users have answered which score. 

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