Makersite has established automatic enrichment of price and supplier information through standing integration with multiple 3rd party systems, such as Octopart, Pink slips, Alibaba, etc. Specially for newly added, private data it might be that no price and cost information could be enriched. 

In the following we will step by step explain how to automatically enrich supplier and price data. 


Add cost and supplier data to the Ink product groups used in the Ball Pen example. 


  1. Identify the data gap in your supply chain using the should cost app.

  2. Navigate o the product group “Ink” and the “product tab”

  3. Use the enrichment function in the composer by searching and selecting relevant products from the online supplier and material search. 

  4. QA the imported data

  5. Open the changed results

Step 1

  • Open the “Should cost app” of the Ball pen (see chapter link chapter search and select app)

  • Select the “Grid view”

  • Identify the product group without “Material cost” and / or without “should cost”

Step 2

  • Open the product data sheet for “Ink” in the compose view by clicking on the ink 

  • The dataset opens in the compose mode - now you can select the product tab

  • The product tab opens does not yet contain any / or incomplete data.

Step 3

  • Select now the enrich function for the collection for supplier and cost information from multiple online sources

  • Select now the products of interest and press enrich to automatically import the data into Makersite. 

Step 4

Once the data is imported check if all relevant information is available

  • Normalization factor (scaling of the price in the relation to the reference unit of the product group, e.g. the online price relates tons, but the reference unit is kg the normalization factor needs to be set to 0.001)

  • Minimum price

  • Maximum price

Step 5

  • Should cost model for the “Ball pen” now takes the enriched price for the ink into account in the calculation

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