Makersite provides and maintains more than 40 international regulatory list, with a growing tendency. 

RSL list are containing information about regulated substances and their limits / exceed values.

It might be possible that single lists, if organization or maybe very industry specific are not included. We therefore have an importer tool that allows in simple way to import an RSL list. 

In the following the steps to do so are described.

How to

Import a personal “rsl” file called “Demo_rsl”:


  • Prepare the excel file for import

  • Drag and drop the file in to the importer

  • Receive a notification when import is finalize including an error log

  • Start compliance assessment

Step 1:

  • A rsl list contains the columns EC number, CAS number, Name, Limit values entered as Min_proportion and Max_proportion where only the CAS number is mandatory. 

  • The list can be as long as required. 

  • The name of the import file will be the name of the list in Makersite. 

  • Set up a excel file with these three columns and add three substance names and CAS Numbers into the list. 

  • Save the Excel and name it “Demo RSL”

Step 2

  • Open the rsl list importer and drag and drop the file into it. 

  • You will receive a short message telling you that it takes a moment till the file is imported and that you will receive an email notification once it is done.

Step 3

  • Check your email access for a notification email. 

  • In the case there were any errors in the rsl you will receive information here, e.g. if CAS numbers in the list were wrong.

  • You can double check the content of the list in the data explorer

Step 4

The rsl is now imported and all products (existing and newly imported ones) are automatically screened for noncompliance.
For more information how the compliance screening is working click here: 

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