From the compose view products can be generated. Products are Stock keeping units with information about the price, manufacturing location, the supplier,…

Multiple products are assigned to Product group and serve there as information carrier for price and supplier information. This information builds the source for Cost and supplier analysis in Makersite.

How to

Generate a product for “Blue Ball Pen”


  1. Generate a process from the composer

  2. Enter relevant information

  3. Save and enter the product object

Step 1

  • Navigate from the dashboard to the compose view. 

Step 2

  • The data entry window opens after clicking on Product. Now go through and enter the data. Please see some example information in the screenshot below. 

  • Additionally, Images can be added to the product. 

Step 3

  • After pressing save the product page is opening. 

Next steps

Enrich product cost data

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