Products groups are a high-level grouping based on a comparable way of making them. Product groups are used in Process, contain substance information, chemical/physical properties, hazard information, GHS data…

Product groups are the central element of analysis and composing in Makersite. While we have more than 30000 pre-made Product groups in Makersite, it might be of interest for you to generate your own product categories.


Generate a Ball Pen product group



  1. Generate a process from the composer

  2. Enter relevant information

  3. Save and enter the product object

Step 1

  • Navigate from the dashboard to the compose view. 

Step 2

  • The data entry window opens after clicking on Product Group. Now go through and enter the data. Please see some example information in the screenshot below.

  • Additionally, Images and a “mydrive” folder can be added to the product group. 

NOTE: The fields “Name”, Unit of measure”, “Description” and “Product category” are mandatory. 

  • The “Product category” is based on the UNSPCS Product codes. More information can be found here:

Step 3

  • After pressing save the product page is opening. 

Next steps:

Enrich product cost data
Compose a process

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