Manufacturing process/assembly/recipe with raw materials, energies, waste, emissions, resources etc to reflect the manufacturing of products. Once a process is established a full supply chain is available. 


Generate a Ball Pen manufacturing process

How to

  1. Generate a process from the composer

  2. Enter relevant information in the description window

  3. Save and enter the product object

  4. Enter Inputs and Outputs to the process

  5. Open the “Product Model” to see and navigate the supply chain

Step 1

  • Navigate from the dashboard to the compose view. 

Step 2

  • The data entry window opens after clicking on process. Now go through and enter the data. Please see some example information in the screenshot below. 

  • Additionally, Images and a “mydrive” folder can be added to the product group. 

NOTE: The fields “Product group”, Boundary” and “Description” are mandatory. 

Step 3

  • After pressing save the process page is opening in the compose view

Step 4

  • Go to the input tab and add product groups into the inputs. 

  • The inputs are describing the materials, energies and transports. 

  • Treatment activities such as waste handling or injection molding are also modeled as input: this way of modeling is called activity based modelling and is the preferred way of modelling of Makersite. 

Add now the material inputs as shown in the following example:

Note: The preferred route offers the option to choose a preferred manufacturing route for a material, energy…. Specially for inputs with multiple possible manufacturing processes this is of relevance. E.g. Three technologies can produce sodium hydroxide. If nothing is chosen, the default setting of Makersite will be chosen. This is in most cases the production mix or import mix. 

  • Complete the inputs as shown in the figure below: 

Step 5

  • Now open the product model

Next steps

Product cost / procurement
Product compliance
Product sustainability / Eco-design

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