The publishing of the MCDA allows to publish an MCDA to an open URL that can be shared with multiple stakeholders an allow them to conduct their own MCDA without becoming a Makersite user. The advantage of that tool is that is simplified for non-experts but still allows detailed insight into the MCDA results.

NOTE: One limitation to the MCDA publishing does exist: Makersite premium data cannot be shared, only personal data sets can be made public. 

In this section we show how to share an MCDA

How to:

Share an MCDA. 


  1. Generate an MCDA on the Ball Pen example or use other non-premium data sets for the MCDA. 

  2. Press share

  3. Choose standard perspective. 

  4. Conduct the MCDA on the public URL

Step 1:

  • See how to generate an MCDA here and how to set up the Ball PEN model here.

Step 2:

  • From the MCDA window click share in the menu bar. 

Step 3

  • Choose the Benchmark perspective

  • Generate the URL

  • Open the URL in your browser or share it with your stakeholders or target audience.

  • Conduct the MCDA with your personal weighting online. 

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