Makersite allows to import IPC files. The files are imported, the structure of the files is automatically understood. During the import the files are data is enriched with Supply chains, LCA data, Cost data, Compliance data, Safety and Health information… from Makersite and from various online sources. These information s from then on for further work in Makersite available. 

In the following we show how to import the files. 

How to

Import an IPC file on the example of the ExampleIPC.xml


  • Open the IPC importer

  • Drag and drop the IPC file into the IPC importer

  • Receive a notification when import is finalize including an error log

  • Check the data and use it for supply chain work (Procurement, Compliance, Sustainability) 

Step 1

Step 2

  • Just drag and drop your IPC file (xml file) into Makersite.

  • The import and the enrichment of data typically takes about 10 – 15 seconds. 

Step 3

  • The file imports and you receive a email report providing an error log. 

  • In this case the importer informs you that a slight variation in the Mass balance of the part is existing. 0.0000003 kg material are missing to have a balance product. 

  • In the case you have not closed your browser 

NOTE: This matching happens automatically based on the information available in Makersite. In the case not all substances are matched, or you identify better matching alternatives, the matching table can now be updated.

Step 3

  • The DPM is now established. 

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