Makersite has consistently integrated the GreenScreen method for Safer chemical. The method is designed to identify chemicals of high concern and safer chemicals through chemical hazard assessment. 

A more detailed insight into the method can be found on

NOTE: The GreenScreen results are automatically added to Product Groups and Substances once a CAS number is added and the is on the regulatory lists included in the GreenScreen.

How to

  • Assess the substance risk for Acetone (liquid)

  • Compare the Acetone GreenScreen score to the material Alternative Butanol. 


  1. Search for the Acetone (liquid) data set 

  2. Open the data set in the Analyse view

  3. Compare to other data sets (Butanol)

  4. MCDA results

Step 1

Step 2

  • After searching open the data set and scroll down till you reach the Greenscreen list translator score

  • The risk type goes from very low (vL) to very high (vH)

Step 3

  • After adding Hexane to MCDA you find the criterion “Hazard (Dimensionless)” compares the Greenscreen impact of the two materials. 

Step 4

  • The criterion is calculated by simply adding values from 1-5 to the risk types and adding these up. The higher the number the more risk is assigned to the substance. 

  • The approach does not consider different weightings for different hazard groups. This is indicated through the extension “Dimensionless”.

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