NOTE: The list is constantly growing and is frequently updated

Product groups:

Are a high level grouping of products based comparable way of making them. Product groups include a wide variety of information. Some can directly be changed some is calculated and added to the data sheet.

Manually added:

  • Description and documentation (partially automatically collected from 3rd party sources)

  • Chemical an Physical properties (partially automatically collected from 3rd party sources)

  • Synonyms

  • Substances 

  • Products (see enrich function)


  • Environmental impacts 

  • Declared substances 

  • GHS information

  • Precautions

  • RSL Matrix

  • GreenScreen List translator

  • Price distribution

  • Manufacturing processes

  • Uses (where is this product used to produce others?)


Processes are manufacturing processes / assemblies including information about the

  • Amount of material / energies used

  • Amount of water used

  • Amount of resources used

  • Amount of waste generated and treated

  • Amount of waste water generated and treated

  • Amount of emissions (Air, Soil, Water) generated

to manufacture a product group. 

Once a process is composed, a full supply chain is established.


Stock keeping units with price and manufacturer information such as location, name, contact.... They are assigned to product groups and build the basis for any type of cost or supplier assessment. 


Physical locations for factories and facilities owned by companies. 


Organizations that make or sell their products. 


Substances are materials with definite chemical composition. Makersite includes and maintained a list of substances frequently update through several external sources. 


MCDA results are saved as private analysis files that can be accessed through Mydrive. 


Makersite maintains a list of Global HSE regulations that are used to provide regionalized regulatory information e.g. Safety management, waste management, General  environmental requirements.
These are used in the Global regulations app and can be found as complete list overview in the data explorer.
Global regulations are translated from multiple languages into English and are structured so that the action to achieve compliance is easily understandable. 

Regulatory lists

More than 50 Regulatory lists are included into Makersite. These include information about the substances that underlay regulatory compliance in countries, regions, and so. 

All lists are maintained and updated through integration services when changes are published. 

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