Makersite offer a rapid way to full scale LCA through BOM imports. 

During the platform implementation supply chain data representing the purchased materials is established and is enriched with LCA, Health, Compliance, Cost, Supplier…  information. 

Based on this data, full scale LCA for new products but also for existing product spectrum is possible without having any expert knowledge in the field. 

NOTE: in this example we only talk about LCA, but any type of assessment compliance, cost... is conducted in the same way. 


Do an environmental impact assessment based on the Ball Pen example BOM – analyse the GWP of the BOM and identify an improvement potential. 

Choose an alternative material using pins and see the changes


  • Import the BOM NOTE: In the electronics sector IPC files should be uploaded first. 

  • Change to GWP app and Identify the biggest contributor

  • Use pins to change to an alternative. 

Step 1

  • The sample BOM and the description of the BOM import process can be found here.

  • Once that import is done, your LCA results are available in Makersite and can be read out through the apps, in the product group or through an MCDA

  • You can use all compose tool to add and change your model to adapt it to answer specific questions. 

Step 2

  • Switching the apps to GWP is done through opening the app menu and selecting the right app from it.

  • In the GWP  Sankey I identified the high-density polyethylene (HD-PE) granulate used in the Barrel as the biggest contributor. 

  • A biodegradable alternative is PLA (Polylactic acid)

Step 3

Setting a pin is described in more detail here. However, there is another way of doing so:

  • Right click the HD-PE product group. 

  • A menu appears 

  • Click on the pin 

  • Search “Polylactic acid” and save the pin.

  • The Barrel of the pen is now produced with a biodegradable material but the GWP has increased for 13.2 %

  • To access which is more important an optimization of biodegradable plastic or the GWP a MCDA will provide a broader and weighted insight. 

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