The supplier is guided directly into the questionnaire where he is requested to fill in information about the product.

To enter the details of the part a simple structure is build up:

  1. Add the sub-part of the Example part. 

  2. Enter the Homogeneous materials related to the part

  3. Add the substances. 

A part can have multiple sub-parts, a sub-part multiple homogeneous materials and homogeneous materials can have multiple substances. 

When clicking on “Add part” you will be asked to either choose an existing part or create a new one. If you create a new one the following composer window comes up:

Please fill in the information requested, and press “Save”.

Now add a material to the sub part. There is multiple information to fill in, however it is most important to set to which part the material relates, what the material is and what is its weight. 

Now add a substance. 

In the substance hierarchy the structure you entered is now available.

Now enter step by step the details of your part. 

You can always edit data. Scroll to the right in the table and use the pen or delete icon.

Once you are done with your request submit it, by pressing the submit button in the menu bar:

The Information Request also contains a message page. This can be used to discuss directly on the questionnaire with each other. Whenever a message is entered, the supplier or requester of the request receive emails notifications about the message. All conversations are saved on the data object.

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