Can we manage multiple product variants?

Makersite as full version control for your data allowing you to track product information at all stages of the product lifecycle. It automatically detects commonalities between product BOMs using component analysis and reduces duplication of part information.  

Can I manage process information?

Yes, Makersite is designed to manage all kinds of data that your generate in the process of making products. That includes granular activity information among other things. 

We already have a PDM/PLM solution. How would Makersite help?

This depends on the implementation of your current solution. The core purpose of Makersite is decision support - helping the company understand a product from different angles and understand the implications of internal and external changes to the business in real-time. This typically goes beyond the scope of what PDM and PLM systems do. PDMs can simplify the implementation and use of Makersite by providing a basis of BOM or product data. Please contact us to talk to an expert about this topic. 

What kinds of systems do you integrate with?

Makersite has an API-first policy which means that all our functionality can be access through APIs. This allows for integration into any kind of system including ERP, PDM, PLM, QMS, EHS and legacy systems 

We have complicated products. Would Makersite scale?

Makersite uses cutting edge technologies to combat the problem of decreasing performance with increasing complexity. This includes a fundamentally different approach to storing information, a micro-service based distributed architecture and more. Get in touch with us for more information on this topic. 

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