Once hot spots in the LCA model are identified or first generic model are set up the iterative improvement of the model starts. The following bullets provide some related bullet options:

Find a more precise processes (data sets) in Makersite 

  • Makersite has the largest LCA database globally

Fine tune the model:

  • specify process efficiencies  

  • regionalize the data 

  • specify the energy sources 

  • define the transport types and distances 

  • where are the material sourced 

  • Our fully transparent and flexible models allow to easily adapt all data to your needs. 

Extended Research

  • Literature research to identify more recent / suitable data

  • More in depth in-house know-how from engineering

Collect data from your suppliers

  • Supplier data / questionnaires (Primary data collection)

Some of our functionalities to support the improvement process are:

  • Single replacement in models can be done manually 

  • Data collection of supplier data directly in the supplier data set (& update of the supplier data set)

  • Forking & merging of generic data sets in Makersite (workflow driven update of existing data sets)

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