Country specific EOL

Despite the technicality of modeling product EoL, the EoL process itself will greatly vary depending on the country and their given technology of waste handling.

An example: While plastic in some countries may be element of material recycling in other countries it might be treated through waste incineration with or without energy recovery,landfill or all process happen in parallel in a particular % share. 

While production waste can easily be assigned to a specific county and the waste handling approaches (through the location of your site or your supplier) the product EoL is harder to determine. Your product might be used across multiple countries with multiple differences in waste handling. So it is safe to assume that most EoL modelling will be in one or the other way a scenario. 

To some extend assumptions need to be made. This can be the focus on one particular country or region, the expected best or worst case scenarios,….

 Automate the EoL

Makersite can support you in the process to define best possible product EoL. During auto or semi-automated imports of Bill of Materials predefined EoL scenarios can automatically be assigned into your models. This initial effort can, if request be part of the system implementation. 

EoL cost

The end of life of products brings in different counties EoL fees or for production waste handling fee with it. For both modelling options are provided in Makersite to not only include the environmental impact but also to include the costs. 

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