The pivot manager app provides multiple predefined Business Intelligence Reports. In addition is multiple Makersite apps a Grid which has, in most cases, the same pivot functionalities.

The header menu

In the headlines of the table you can find on each column header a small burger menu icon when you mouse over the column.

By clicking the menu a window comes up, that allows you different actions such as sizing or grouping the columns.

Filter the results

Changing to the filter icon in the middle will provide you with possibility to filter your results.

As the filtering is easy to use, Makersite ensures that pivot tables ad grids always contain the largest relevant amount of data. 

Pivot mode

In the upper right corner of the grid you will find a small horizontal burger menu icon. Clicking it will expand the pivot mode. 

Here you can choose with columns you are interested to see and by ticking the the Pivot mode you can start arranging your table by dragging and dropping the columns into the three pivot folders: 

  • Row groups

  • Values 

  • Column labels

Export your results

Just right click into the grid. In the appearing menu you can easily choose in which format your data is exported.

Integration with BI tools

When creating the pivot results a link appears in the tool menu on the right below the create button.
This link can be used to connect to standard BI tools such as Power BI or Tableau. 

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