The packaging solution is based on the import of the Packaging solution file, as described in previous FAQs.
Specifically for the outbound transport users might be interested to include a more detailed transport, to several locations with several distances and different total transport weights. 

These are steps to adapt the file: 

  1. Download the Packaging BOM file from Makersite (available in the import tutorials)

  2. The file contains the yellow marked transport sections for inbound and outbound transport.  

3. To e.g. show outbound transport to 2 locations copy and add the rows for outbound transport and rename the header (yellow) including the location.

4. Enter now the t*km and the transport types to the location.

5. You can slim the file by removing level 2 transports that are not needed (value = 0) and only keep the ones with values. 

6. Add the values for the materials and the EoL of the packaging solution (either per single solution or the total manufactured) as described in the "How to" FAQ.

Save the file and import it, using the BOM importer, to Makersite. You will see in the Product model of the Packaging system now two separate outbound transports, as defined in the import file.

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