The following columns are included in the GWP pivot:




Structure/level of the dataset in the model. Tier 1 is part of Tier 0 and so on.


Defines where the dataset is sourced from. is it from a BOM/IPC import, manually modeled, or a Makersite object.


Differentiation between product group and process.

Name [hyperlink]

Name of the data set. The dataset can be opened through the hyperlink in a separate window.

Part number

If a part number was imported/added to the dataset the specific part number will be made available. The part number is a unique identifier.


Manufacturer part number


Amount of the material/component/energy/... in the BOM. must be read together with the amount unit

Amount unit

Defines the unit of the amount column.

Weight (kg)

The calculated weight of the part/component in the BOM

Climate change - GWP 100 (kg CO2-Equiv.)

GWP of the part. summed up to higher Tiers. e.g. Tier 2 GWP is the sum of all GWP of the related Tier 2 datasets.

Update available

Environmental impacts have changed at this level. The link provides the possibility to recalculate these.

The system controls if the sum of the impact of the inputs matches the outputs.

By default, it should be "ok".

The recalculation should usually not be occurring for users, but in very selected cases, such as unshared data the system will ask for recalculation.


The order can be used to sort the report in its original order.

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