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Product Group

Are a high level grouping of products based on a comparable way of making them. Product Groups include a wide variety of information. Some can directly be changed some are calculated and added to the datasheet.

Manually added:

  • Description and documentation (partially automatically collected from 3rd party sources)

  • Chemical an Physical properties (partially automatically collected from 3rd party sources)

  • Synonyms

  • Substances 

  • Products (see Enrich Function)


  • Environmental impacts 

  • Declared substances 

  • GHS information

  • Precautions

  • RSL Matrix

  • GreenScreen List translator

  • Price distribution

  • Manufacturing processes

  • Uses (where is this product used to produce others?)


Stock keeping units with price and manufacturer information such as location, name, contact.... They are assigned to Product Groups and build the basis for any type of cost or supplier assessment.


Processes in Makersite represent manufacturing / assembly processes and include information about:

  • Amount of material / energies used

  • Amount of water used

  • Amount of resources used

  • Amount of waste generated and treated

  • Amount of waste water generated and treated

  • Amount of emissions (Air, Soil, Water) generated

Processes are assigned to Product Groups to define how they are manufactured.

Once a process is composed, a full supply chain is established.


Substances are materials with a defined chemical composition. Makersite includes and maintains a list of substances frequently updated through several external sources.


Organizations that make or sell products. 

These objects contain Company Name, Description and Website information.


Physical locations for factories and facilities owned by companies.

These objects contain Site Name, and Address information.


Eco-fees are environmental regulations relating to the fees charged to a company based on their products waste or recycling process at the end of a products life.


This will open the 'Product Wizard', which can be used to create new Product data objects in Makersite.

For more information please see the Product Wizard article on the Makersite FAQ pages.

Supplier Request

This will open the 'Create Supplier Request' form.

Regulatory lists (RSL)

More than 50 Regulatory lists are included with Makersite. These include information about the substances that underlay regulatory compliance in countries, regions, and so on.

All lists are maintained and updated through integration services when changes are published.


Alerts are used in Makersite to set thresholds on substances, if the threshold in a product is reached or exceeded an Alert will notify the user of this, it can be set to be country specific.

Product Category Rule (PCR)

Create a PCR, for LCA's and MCDA.

Forecast Scenario

Forecast Scenarios are used to calculate the carbon footprint performance of a Site or Company in Makersite based on a unit of production, set by the user. Forecast Actions can then be added to enhance the scenario by setting different potential changes to the Site or Company's processes.

Forecast Action

Forecast Actions are used within Forecast Scenarios to investigate changes in the processes of a Site or Company in Makersite. Multiple actions can be added to each scenario & any action can be added to different scenarios, to build complex models of potential changes to help predict how best to improve the climate impact for your product or company.

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