What impact categories are included?

We offer over 250 different impact categories coverings all key methodologies in use by the LCA community. We have a specific focus on the categories prescribed by the emerging PEF standard coming out of the European Union.

What data is included?

We include most of the major LCA databases including Ecoinvent, IDEA and more. In addition, we also develop data ourselves. For a complete list of the public and proprietary databases that are integrated, see our data integrations.

How often is data updated?

LCA data follows the update cycles of the database providers. There is typically a delay between when database providers release new versions of their databases and when they become available on Makersite. This is due to the extensive integration activities we perform on the data.

Do you have a dataset for …

We are the largest cloud-based LCA database in the world and constantly look to create partnerships with data providers. Makersite is also a fully transparent database, which enables you to quickly and effortlessly reconfigure our datasets to suit your needs. In addition to that, if you're ever missing any data, we or any of our partners can help you fill those gaps quickly and cost effectively.

Can I use data provided to me by my suppliers?

Makersite can help you collect raw data from your suppliers efficiently. This data gets connected automatically to your models and will be used to generate integrated LCA impacts. Since your data and that of your suppliers uses the same background databases for calculations, your results are consistent and transparent. For those that already have pre-calculated numbers from your suppliers, these can also easily be added to your models.

Can I generate PEF and ISO compliance reports?

Makersite can create a wide range of reports, quickly and easily, including PEF and ISO reports using the results generated by your models in Makersite. These are standards that provide guidance on how to model your products and their supply chains. Makersite is completely flexible in how you create your models and uses industry accepted background databases for calculations.

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