Can I add my own costing models?

Yes, you can create your own activity models and associate costs to them. You can then connect them to your product models to see how they affect product prices.

What level of accuracy can you achieve with your approach?

There is in principle no limit to the level of accuracy one can achieve with our approach. The question is always about balancing the effort it takes to increase marginal accuracy. Our approach can automatically generate results with 95% accuracy and above after initial calibration of the system to your products and supply chains.

Is there any size limit for BOMs that can be handled by Makersite?

We can handle BOMs of any size, from a few tens of lines to tens of thousands.

Can I have multiple versions of my results?

Makersite has full version control for both your data and our background databases. That means that you can always compare updated results to the original to understand the cause of the differences.

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