There are two methods in Makersite to duplicate data, the first is to 'Copy' and the second is 'Fork'.

Copying Data

Using 'Copy' in Makersite will create a new, separate instance of the data, whilst retaining the original dataset.

For example, if you wanted to add another component to the Ball Pen Product Group, and call the new Product Group which would include the new component 'Ball Pen New', then compare that with the original Ball Pen, you would use the Copy function.

The new copy of the dataset will not retain any connections to your model in Makersite, this is in essence a separate model.

Forking Data

Using 'Fork' in Makersite will overwrite a dataset with a new version. Makersite will first create a duplicate of the dataset, then once you have made a change there will be the option to overwrite the existing dataset.

For example if a proposal is made to update or change a dataset to improve it's accuracy or relevancy, the dataset can be Forked, changed, then the Fork can be approved, in which case it will overwrite the existing dataset. Doing this will retain all of the connections across your model in Makersite to the dataset.

Only an admin account can use this feature.

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