The 'Share' button can be accessed from any Analyze page of Makersite. It is located in the tollbar at the top of the page.

Clicking on the 'Share' button will open a pop-up which will allow you to enter the recipients Makersite username or external email address, there is also space beneath to add a message or notes.

The check boxes at the bottom of the pop-up can be set to your preferences before sharing.

  • 'Share Dependencies', if this is selected, all data related to the model will be shared, if you only want to share the product you currently have open, it should be left unticked.

  • 'Allow Edits', selecting this box will allow the recipient to edit the data.

  • 'Send Email', this will send an email with the share to the recipient.

Other ways of sharing Makersite data and results are to take screenshots at anytime of your results page.

In the Grid view in the Makersite apps, you can also right click anywhere in the grid and select 'Export To' where you can then select the export file format. This will then download directly to you computer.

Folders and data from My Drive can also be shared in the same way, right clicking on any of the folders or data on the page will export all the data that is currently shown, see screenshots below for examples.

My Drive Folders:

Export from the above folder page:

My Drive Data in the 'Product Groups' folder:

Export from the above page:

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