Exercise: Import the Ball Pen BOM into Makersite and open the product datasheet.

 (any other BOM is used in exactly the same way)

Step by step

To initiate the import, choose the "BOM Importer" app. You can drag and drop your BOM or click the upload button to open the upload dialog.
You find the importer on your dashboard. see the screenshot below. 

1. Click on set up so that a pop up window comes up 

2. Click on Import a Bill Of Materials and the importer dialog comes up

3. Drag and drop your BOM file into the importer. 

At this stage your BOM is already imported into Makersite. You can click now the "Open Mattermaps" icon to open the Dynamic Performance Modeling application for the Ball Pen.
 No additional work is required to receive your fully loaded digital twin.

Note: It might be that the importer will ask to match single materials and parts. These situation might occur if new part or material names have been added after the implementation project was conducted by Makersite. These materials will require matching. Please see therefore the next article in this section. 

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