Like the “substance risk detection” application is the chemical grading app used to identify substance non-compliance within the supply chain.

The specifics of the application are:

  • it includes exact matches only

  • a filter is available that allows to filter by RSL

  • takes min and max values of substances into account


Grade the Ball Pen Example for the EU - GHS (H-Statements) RSL. 


  1. Import the Example Ball Pen BOM

  2. Open the Example Ball Pen BOM in the Chemical Grading app

  3. Select the EU - GHS (H-Statements) RSL

  4. See the results

Step 1

  • The import of the BOM is described in this Article.

Step 2

  • Select the Chemical Grading app

Step 3:

  • The app opens the supply chain in the graph model (red dots mark where regulated substances)

  • Now select the “EU - GHS (H-Statements)” RSL in the filter

  • Only the substances regulated in accordance to the selected list will / set filter will be shown. 

NOTE: Multiple lists can be selected at the same time. 

  • The amount of regulated substances visualized on the graph is now changed to only reflect the filter settings. 

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