We need to comply with a regulatory list that is not yet supported by Makersite. What can we do?

Just ask us. If possible we will add the requested list to Makersite for you to utilise, if this is not possible, you can always import the list yourself to use with your models in Makersite.

We sell the same product in various markets with different regulatory requirements. How can you help make sure we have the right schemes covered everywhere?

Our requirements management functionality is designed for this purpose. In addition to obligations that you manage on your own, we can also connect to live feeds for regulatory requirements through our partners.

Can you provide material composition reports for products?

Yes. Makersite automatically categorizes your products, ingredients and components against standards e.g. UN product codes so we can calculate material composition rollups.

We already have a supplier collaboration tool. How would Makersite help?

You can import supplier declarations into Makersite to perform product rollups so that you can assess compliance against regulations and standards. In addition, we use AI to automatically populate supply chain information, cost data and environmental impacts to aid your sustainability or cost-optimization programs.

Is there any size limit for BOMs that can be handled by Makersite?

We can handle BOMs of any size, from a few tens of lines to tens of thousands.

Can I have multiple versions of my results?

Makersite has full version control for both your data and our background databases. That means that you can always compare updated results to the original to understand the cause of the differences.

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